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By default, the horizontal text alignment follows the natural alignment of the text, for example text that is read from left to right will be aligned to the left.

The possible alignment values are: Sets an input mask on the Text Field, restricting the allowable text inputs.

The masked input plugin is from: Herbots/jquery.inputmask On load, the birthdate field has the masked input working properly.

If echo Mode is set to Text Input:: Normal, this holds the same value as the Text Field::text property.Masked input allows you making a user to enter the data in certain format (dates,phone numbers, etc).Example of phone numbers masked input: You can use one of the predefined mask format or create your own custom expression.Otherwise, this property holds the text visible to the user, while the text property holds the actual entered text.Sets the alignment of the text within the Text Field item's width.In order to do true masking, you would need a plug-in.


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