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V primeru, da po prvem cvetenju popolnoma preneha cveteti, jo obrežemo in počakamo do sredino poletja, ko ponovno zaživi.Socvetja na dolgih pecljih je možno uporabiti v šopkih, ki pa verjetno ne bodo prav dolgo zdržali, ampak so vseeno čudoviti že na prvi pogled.ALMATA Classic red-fleshed apple with Russian ancestry from a Beautiful Arcade x Fluke 38 cross made by Hansen at South Dakaota experiment station. Very dark purplish-red, almost black with a distinctive bluish "bloom" on the fruit. Skin very dark purplish red, similar to Black Oxford. The equivalent Aztec calendars are known in Nahuatl as the tonalpohualli and Xiuhpohualli.The combination of a Haab' and a Tzolk'in date identifies a day in a combination which does not occur again for 18,980 days (52 Haab' cycles of 365 days times 73 Tzolk'in cycles of 260 days, approximately 52 years), a period known as the Calendar Round.To identify days over periods longer than this, Mesoamericans used the Long Count calendar.

EMPIRE Mc Intosh x Red Delicious; Geneva, New York 1966. Medium size, glossy fruit with 90% bright red color. SNOWSWEET Delightful sweet taste, with a slight tart balance and rich overtones.

Snow Sweet® can be sliced for snacking or cut for salads well in advance and dishes maintain an appetizing appearance.

The fruit's snowy white flesh is very slow to oxidize and turn brown after cutting. Beautiful medium size dark red almost mahogany dessert quality apple.

A great low chill apple from Israel for our customer in Zones8-9. Medium to large apple with dark red to sometimes black color with smooth waxy finish. The great sweet-tart flavor seems to get better with age, so stores very well. The tree grows in a spreading form and is resistant to scab, cedar-apple rust, mildew and fire blight. Flesh is cream colored, firm, juicy, and sprightly, similar to Stayman with a sweet-tart flavor. Medium size fruit have a red color over yellow striping. They are great for fresh eating, cooking, sauce, juice and cider. Crisp and sweet yet also resists browning when cut, making a very yellow applesauce.

Anna has excellent quality with just enough tartness for fresh eating as well as cooking. Crisp, juicy, very white flesh that is more coarser than fine. It's characteristic conical shape tapers down to prominent bumps or chins at it's base. Flesh is yellow and very firm with an aromatic flavor. Flesh is firm and crunchy with a sweetness and acid flavor. Great for eating fresh & salads as well as for pies & sauce. Gala's popularity is growing in the markets as more people try it and get hooked. Put off by the Goldens that you find in the supermarket?


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