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For more information about the charges for invalidation, see Paying for Object Invalidation.

To control the versions of objects that are served from your distribution, you can either invalidate objects or give them versioned file names.

When a GDI program wants to update what is displayed .

Direct X is a newer interface originally created for games development but now also used by higher level frameworks like WPF. When a window is displayed Windows will send a paint message to the code responsible for the window. The paint method should then paint the contents of the window onto the screen.

Instead it has to tell Windows that an area needs to be updated. Windows will then call the relevant paint method supplying information about what is invalid and needs updating.

To determine which objects viewers have requested, enable Cloud Front access logging.You cannot set them to NULL, because another delete would be correct then.You don't want to keep the value as the memory location can be assigned to newly created object.Even if you manage to get everything the operating system does under control (which basically means making your tested code part of the operating system), you still need to consider TLB behavior and branch prediction buffers (which will affect your performance more than caches), get control over SMM (which you typically can't unless you have control over your BIOS) and understand how the clocks you use for measuring really behave (I'd guess that a temperature difference of 10 degrees will affect your measurement more than having a clean cache). A typical way to measure things realistically is to run it "enough" times and take an average (or minimum or maximum or median, depending on what you want to prove).To add more: Your method number 1 flushes the filesystem caches and has nothing to do with data caches on the cpu.The operating system will handle interrupts, run various daemons in the background and do various maintenance tasks and potentially move your running process to a different cpu, etc.


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