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Instead of that, the Post "diddles" around asking people if it works. What are you going to do tomorrow, have a poll asking if the earth is flat? So much that it is unlikely to have happened by chance (that is, the study was rigged).(Evidently, some of the reporters at you newspaper think so.) The glaring problem with the study is that it doesn't report outcomes - ie, unwanted teenage pregnancies. In fact, this is the STRONGEST conclusion that can be drawn from the paper.The psychologist Paul Tournier said, “I’ve been married six times – all to the same woman.” Tournier explained that he never got divorced, but rather his marriage transitioned from one stage to another.All healthy marriages experience change and transition. Some of the stages of growth are predictable, others are not. Then, for simplicity, we’ve divided marriage into the chronological time frames of: Not all marriages fit neatly into these categories.But you don't have to get away to have romantic getaways.Love and romance are everywhere in your own home and you can enjoy them every day.What about a pat or pinch on the butt as you pass each other in the hall and then a quick smiling glance?

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Duh, there have been several studies and every single one of them shows that abstinence based sex ed works. It's quite easy to believe that lying to our children about the alleged dangers of sexual behavior will get them to abstain. SOMEHOW, the group of kids who got into the "safer sex" group had baseline demographics that indicated that they were MUCH MUCH more likely to engage in risky (unprotected) sex than any other group.

Most relationships move through cycles that include: In this framework, the stages emerge more quickly, with disillusionment often coming soon after the honeymoon.

Mature love evolves-hopefully-after several years of marriage.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't plan romantic vacations.

They are rejuvenating, and can take your love and romance to deeper and deeper levels.


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